Eco-Agriculture Youth Alliance (EAYA)

EAYA stands tall as a youth-driven movement, laser-focused on empowering the next generation and championing women in the realm of eco-Agriculture. Our vision pulsates with the empowerment of youth and women, envisaging a world where sustainable Agriculture thrives, ensuring food security for all.


We aim to ignite the potential within youth and women, propelling them to the forefront of sustainable Agriculture. Picture this: fostering eco-friendly practices that not only amplify livelihoods but also preserve and safeguard our precious planet.


Dennis Odero

Executive Director

Dennis Odero recognizes the critical role of the youth in building a resilient, sustainable and prosperous agricultural sector in Africa and around the world. This passion has driven Dennis to start Eco-Agriculture Youth Alliance (EAYA) of which he is now the Executive Director. The teams’ in 47 counties work to raise awareness about Climate Smart Agriculture among young men and women, educating them for the benefits of sustainable approaches in increasing agricultural yields and resilience in the rural communities. He served as President Egerton University Students Association. He was instrumental in setting up Sustainable Development Goals Innovation Hubs that are in over 100 secondary schools in Kenya.

Paul Brian

Technical and Strategy Manager

I'm Paul Brian—an author, cybersecurity enthusiast, and advocate for technology governance, deeply involved in Eco-Agriculture. Through my written works in technology governance and cybersecurity, I aim to bridge the gap between secure digital practices and sustainable agricultural methodologies. As a public speaker and life coach, I leverage my diverse expertise to empower individuals in both cybersecurity and Eco-Agriculture. My mission is to not only fortify digital landscapes but also cultivate a greener, more sustainable future through eco-friendly agricultural practices. I'm dedicated to sharing insights that merge the realms of cybersecurity and Eco-Agriculture, fostering a more secure and environmentally conscious world.

Cleophas Khasakhala

Executive Director

I am Cleophas Khasakhala a passionate and experienced Agricultural specialist. Committed to driving continuous improvements in agricultural productivity and building resilience in climate change risks with improved Agricultural Technologies, Innovations and Management Practices

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